To advance and grow in my technical career and journey.  The biggest part of advancing in my technical journey is sharing, teaching, and assisting others with the God given knowledge and skills that I possess.

It’s me, I’m him.  I don’t like to go on about myself via words.  I prefer to let the skills from training and preparation talk.  I’m still learning and growing.  Hopefully you can grow from something here too.

Extraordinary Experiences

Kelvin is currently, as of Sept 2022, a Network Engineer for an ISP (Internet Service Provider).  He has over 10 years of technical experience as well as over a dozen certifications to date.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn.  There is also a link to view and verify some of my credentials.

Kelvin's Core Values

Always strive to do the best good possible.  Your best can be wrong, just doing good can be halfhearted.  I pray that I not only benefit those attached to me but add the maximum value.

A few of my favorite things: